Celebrating the birth of a child


The birth of a child is a wonderful event, full of changes and new beginnings. It's no wonder that many people want to thank God for his precious gift. We would be delighted to share with you in your joy and celebrate with you before God.

We offer two services to celebrate the birth of a child.

Service of Thanksgiving

​This is a joyful service where parents, family and friends can join together to formally celebrate God's kind gift of a child. This offers:

  • A public service, where family and friends can be invited
  • Giving thanks to God for giving you your child
  • Praying for God's blessing on the child and the family
  • Asking supporting friends (commonly called Godparents) to promise to help raise the child
  • ​This service does not require parents or supporting friends to be Christian believers and to make Christian promises, but provides an opportunity to publicly thank God for his goodness.

    Service of Baptism

    ​At this service, the parents and Godparents, promise:

  • that you are real Christians – those who love Jesus Christ
  • that you are members of his church
  • that you obey his teaching in life (eg you are married, or plan to marry if you are living together).
  • Having said this about yourselves, you then promise to bring up your child in this faith by teaching them from the Bible, praying for your child, and by bringing them with you as you come to church. The service of baptism is for parents who are Christians and show their Christian commitment both in the way they live and in attending church.

    In baptism, water pictures how Jesus washes away the sin of everyone who trusts in him. Baptism is a "sign" of promises, just like a wedding ring is a sign of marriage promises - the sign doesn't mean anything if the promises aren't kept.

    We ask everyone who wishes to have their child baptised at St Thomas' to attend a preparation course, exploring the Christian faith that parents and Godparents say they believe. Attendance at this course does not guarantee baptism.

    For more information, please come along to one of our Sunday services.